In the past years, I worked on a bunch of (short) movies and some standalone music. I'll try to update this page frequently to give you an overview.



Bucwood (Johannes Buchholz)

“Can a letter change your life?”

(Short Movie, 2016) - Main Actor, Music

“Power of Music”

(Short Movie, 2017) - Main Actor. Music


(Short Movie, 2017) - Music


(Short Movie, 2018) - Story, Sound, Actor


(Short Movie, 2019) - Music

Judith Berger


(Short Movie, 2019) - Music

KiwiFilm Productions

“Über uns, die Zeit und alles andere”

(Full Movie, 2018) - Music, Marketing, Sound Design

“Stellplatz 3275”

(Short Movie, 2018) - Music. Set Sound


(Short Movie, 2019) - Music

Julian Lippke Film

“DRK Kaiserslautern Imagefilm”

(Short Movie, 2018) - Music

“Der Einbruch”

(Short Movie, 2019) - Music


Here is a small overview of my recent film projects. If available, click on the pictures to watch.

short movie timecode
Short Movie Der Einbruch
Short Movie Choice
Short Movie Stellplatz 3275
Movie Über uns, die Zeit und alles andere


KiwiFilm Productions GER

not available online  94 mins

Unlike his friends, Basti doesn't have any plans for his future. One thing's for sure: He won't become a mathematician.

Direction Michi Seyler

Cast Benjamin Ernstberger, Anja Lichtl

Romina Zechmann

What I did

Music Production, Composition, Marketing, Sound Effects


Julian Lippke Film GER

not available online  25mins

Four students are striking for adventures. A night-time pool visit is exactly what they're aiming for.

Direction Julian Lippke

Production Patrick Müller

Script Julian Lippke

Cast Lennart Gottmann, Oliver Ewy

Camera Thomas Nixon

Cut Julian Lippke

I did Music Production with Uli Vollmer (Composer)


Studio B Film GER

March 2019  2 mins

The App "Choice" helps you with making decisions. Sounds practical? (99FIRE-FILMS AWARD '19)

Directed by

Johannes Buchholz


Felix Geiwagner

Clara Sindel

What I did

Music Production, Composition


KiwiFilm Productions GER

not available online  8 mins

The myth of a serial killer reaches a student. A little frightened she searches for her car. 

Directed by

Benjamin Ernstberger


Constance Valette

Pascal Simon

What I did

Set Sound, Music Production, Composition


Filmwissenschaft JGU Mainz GER

Juli 2019  8 mins

The doorbell rings and there's a hard drive on the floor. Jochen is shocked by its contents.

Direction Judith Berger

Production Chaimae Falko

Script Judith Berger

Cast Jens Peter Gust, Kruna Savic

Camera Nino Steffeck, Justus Riechers

Cut Johanna Larsson, Judith Berger

I did Music Production with Uli Vollmer (Composer)