DutPoet - Cranes (Lyrics)


I’m watching the cranes
Golden on gray
I’m watching the cranes

I wish a chance
To escape this cold place
Like one of the planes
Ahead of the cranes


How could I define
What’s going on inside
Too bright the night
Too slow the time

I’m watching the cranes
Why is there a must?
Thinking ‘bout us
To stay at our place

Frozen blood in my veins
There’re so many ways
And too many days
I just watch the cranes

We’ve reason to grouse
There is no single star
Universe is too far
And the cranes are to close

They don’t understand why
They don’t understand how
I wanna go now
No matter what I told them
Is it better ‘come an old man
Never tried to live
Life’s a gift
I wanna do what I want
Find out what’s true and what’s not
On my own

This is my life
This is mine
This is my life
It's mine

And I’m watching the cranes
Urine in the snow
Is there a chance?
Damn, I don’t think so.

© 2015 Sidney Schwalbach - Chords bald verfügbar!