Full-time traveling passionate musician trying to be as open-minded as possible.

I think that's how I would define my personality. The world is full of adventures and possibilities.

I'm happy to say I found my passion quiet early and forever thankful for my parents making it possible to learn to play the keyboard and guitar, opening the doors to the world of music.

Later I went to a vocal coach and taught myself some drums.

My career as a producer started - you might laugh - with Magix Music Maker. I worked with several better software until I finally decided to keep Studio One as my DAW. And I'm still glad I did.


Producer, Singer-Songwriter

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For over one decade I've been composing and writing songs. Beginning by learning to play the keyboard, I've become a pianist and guitarist, took vocal lessons, taught myself some drums and dove into digital music producing.


What once was "just for fun" still is for the fun, but nevertheless gained a semi-professional level of score writing. Partnering with Uli Vollmer we've put amazing short films to life.


Since November 2018 I'm living in a motorhome and experiencing the world as a long-term traveler. Always on the passenger seat: Cassie, the cute little doggolino.


This platform has been a big part of my journey as an artist. You want to get a glimpse of how I got where I am today? That's a good way.

music studio mixing console


travel motorhome forest


film clap


dog cassie



"Home is where your heart is"

There's a wide range of meanings to this quote. I found myself enjoying this #vanlife thing. There are definitely downsides to it, but the big advantage of traveling in a motorhome is obviously to have your home with you, wherever you're heading to. That's how our beautiful planet became my garden.


I lived in many places. By the age of 18, I met a girl and we became good friends soon. She offered me to move in and I couldn't wait to leave my beloved family behind and make my own path. Although I moved back three months later, this would have been the beginning of a big journey.

animal shelter kaiserslautern

This was the time when I absolved a voluntary year (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) at an animal shelter in my home town Kaiserslautern.

I grew up with cats and didn't have a huge interest in dogs. So it's been a whole new experience being told to work in the dog area of the shelter. And what can I say? I learned a tiny bit of their language and came to love them cute little puppies.

This was definitely impacting my further life.

There was this idea of safety in my head: Finish an apprenticeship and then focus on a music career. That's why I made the decision to become an event technician in Mannheim. More on that later.

Living more than one hour away from the company and working 70+ hours a week, it was clear: I would move to this big unknown city in central Germany.

And I found a youth dorm in the city center. Less than 20m² would have to fit my music equipment and me.

youth dorm mannheim
youth dorm mannheim workspace

And I managed it somehow.

But there have been several problems I didn't see beforehand. Sharing the kitchen and bathroom with 20 other people on the floor, I expected issues, but unexpectedly I never met one of them.

The biggest reason for leaving this place was the dirtiness of the toilets. To picture it for you: Some dude must have had serious intestine problems and painted the walls with shit. Frequently.

So once again I moved back to my mother's apartment until happily another apprentice at the company shared the rental fee at this charming new place with walls high enough to build a second floor in my room.

My time in Mannheim became a big part of my journey. I dove into the world of fairgrounds all around Germany and it's neighbors, spending a whole lot of time on the Autobahn.

They told me: Either you love this or quit the job.

building the second floor
the second floor

I have to commit: For about one year I loved to be on tour all the time, the people I worked with, all the impressions I got. But I understood there's more to it.

There's no possibility to have a social life and no energy left for my passion, music. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Depression was raising and made me feel like a grumpy old man, complaining about everything.

Half a year later, I decided to quit the apprenticeship, although loving it. Good thing: I learned a lot.

At this point, I already invested some money in cryptocurrencies. But I didn't expect to gain that much cash. I could make a living from it!

Getting, so to speak, universal basic income of 1k€/m enabled me to regenerate some mental health before moving on.

It took time to slow down and enjoy life again. And it was hard making the decision to leave this beloved apartment behind.

sleep and movie area
a bunch of new equipment

And so I went back to Kaiserslautern, this time to a town 20mins outside the city.

Oh, this beautiful money! I spent it on a car, organic food, a new mic, a set of e-drums, a pair of headphones, a high-quality sound mixer, cords, adapters, absorbers, plants, etc.

I began to really find myself, became vegan and - hm, my consciousness oscillated between the levels of neutrality, willingness and acceptance.

To be continued.